Scale-up to meet demand







This solution is for you if you’re ready to scale-up your digital product to meet demand.

Invent Design Build’s Scale-up service provides you with the feedback to make informed decisions on product portfolio priorities and gain maximum ROI from R&D.

Step 1 – Feedback/validate

This is where we focus on your buyers, their problems and how your solution solves those problems. Working this way means your buyer is at the core of all future development and you are able to communicate this in succinct messages for your customers and investors.

Step 2 – Improve

From the feedback stage above, we identify cost reductions, platform extensions, alternate supplier selection or simple fixes in order to ensure your customers get the best possible experience and your business gets the best opportunity.

Step 3 – Scale

With the improvements identified, we communicate these throughout the supply chain and ensure volumes and capacity can ramp-up to meet demand without compromising on quality.

Scale-up follows product launch and ideally includes a six-month period of feedback on post-launch performance. The service provides a significant capacity boost and product portfolio enhancement 12 to 15 months post-launch.

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