Does your business create and own valuable Intellectual Property?

Is your Intellectual Property adding as much value to your business as it could be?

Invent Design Build work with businesses helping them identify and manage their intellectual property, typically this includes consideration and analysis of the following:

  1. Design Rights – a registered design protecting the visual appearance of a product or item.
  2. Trademarks – protection for brand names and logos identifying the source of the product,
  3. Patents – obtaining patent protection for new and novel inventions.
  4. Trade Secrets – identifying confidential business information that provides a competitive advantage.


Whilst each of these methods for protecting IP are required by businesses, often patents can be the most challenging. Common key questions are:

  • Is our idea patentable?
  • Do we have freedom to operate with our solution?
  • Who else is actively patenting with similar technologies?
  • In what geographical areas is protection required?
  • What is our competitor’s strategy and where are they focusing their research efforts?
  • What new technologies may be of interest for our future research and development?

Using the IP tool from Patsnap, Invent Design Build can very quickly provide business intelligence, enabling their customers to answer these questions and maximise value from IP.

Patent Searching and Landscaping

Both simple and advanced searches of patent landscapes, can be provided allowing broad technology topic areas to be explored or very specific inventions to be searched. Searches can then be landscaped providing pictorial view of the search results. These views can be particularly helpful in visualising technology and market areas and understanding. Key uses of the landscape involve identifying gaps that may be suitable for invention or identifying trends through visualising the patent activity over time.

Patent Analysis

The tool is particularly useful for reviewing and annotating patents allowing detailed analysis of both independent and dependent claims via a simple visualisation of the claim tree. Important patents within a field can be highlighted for deeper analysis through the most cited or most valuable analysis.

Market & Technology Insights

Often a surprising benefit of the tool is learning more about adjacent markets and technologies. Key organisations that perhaps have a desirable technology for your market can be identified for potential partnership or licensing. Similarly, strategies and opportunities around licensing of one’s own intellectual property can be derived.

The use of intellectual property management to aid your team in maximising the IP value to your business often also enables teams with greater knowledge around the market, competitors and available technologies. Invent Design Build recommend this is used as one the tools to support innovative new product development.