Our customers often ask about our company values and…

“Why Invent Design Build?”

To explain this clearly, and without boring you with business rhetoric, we would like to share our story and inspiration around values.

You may have noticed the tempting image of fine cuisine placed at the top of this article and be wondering of its relevance…

Invent Design Build strive to work like a Michelin star kitchen, creating exceptional new products that surprise and delight customers.

Cooking and new product development are both creative processes. Exceptional dishes are in fact exceptional products, but what can we learn from the kitchen and what values do we share with the culinary world?

Creative Ambition 

At the start of any creative process lies an initial idea and desire to try something new.  What culinary chefs understand, which is pivotal for us too, is that you must be open minded to new ideas and willing to experiment and learn.

Continuous Improvement 

Just as top chefs are constantly refining their techniques and processes, our team challenges themselves to improve their tools, designs and processes enabling them to create enviable products.

The Best Ingredients from Quality Suppliers

At Invent Design Build we continuously monitor new technologies and semiconductor releases as they are often the key to product innovation. In a meal, the smallest, most subtle ingredient can often have the most powerful impact. We seek out and specify reliable components that enhance critical performance criteria.

Leadership, Teamwork and Discipline

We share the same approach as an executive chef in being both demanding and supportive of those we collaborate with. Due to this we also share a joint sense of achievement when we innovate and create inspiring products with our collaborators.

Meticulous Attention to Detail & Exceptionally High Standards

Chefs are aware when their exceptionally high standards are not being reached and would rather start from scratch than produce mediocrity. This is an approach that Invent Design Build also take in order to develop and manufacture the best quality products possible.

Speed & Calm

Culinary chefs deliver consistently, under intense pressure with a breath-taking reliability. We challenge ourselves as a service provider to embrace this ethos in order to get projects to market quickly, without sacrificing any quality within the design and manufacture of the product.

We understand that all this is easy to say and much harder to deliver, but by choosing Invent Design Build, you are setting the bar high and we ask you to remind us of our values.

A very warm thank you to Executive Pastry Chef Alex Norman, daughter of our Invent Design Build founder Derek, who being a ‘chip off the old block’  inspired these values.


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